Here's a small sample of Michael's most recent work.

Anna Cunnie / Evan Ackley ,

Co-Write/Production/Mix/Mastering/Music Video

An example of clients coming in with the spark of an idea and having us make that idea into a final product. Michael co-wrote this song with Anna & Evan and then recorded / played all the instruments and mixed the song. We had the song Mastered by Abbey Road Studios in London and then went out and filmed & edited the music video.

MIKEC_Piano_Head Shot.jpg

Katie Epervary, senior portrait

Senior portraits are so often stuffy and "same-y," which is why I'm always looking for a different way to capture people in more interesting situations, to capture their real essence. Katie is also a singer recording a 5 song EP in our studio.

boston catalano, bose promo video

I've done a series of Promo videos for Bose featuring local singer/songwriter Boston Catalano featuring their L1 sound system. Boston's band is now on a small tour for Bose stopping at places like Times Square & Phoenix Arizona.

emily henriksen, song mix & video

I recently recorded local singer (and regular client) Emily Henriksen doing her cover version of Maren Morris' 'I Could Use A Love Song' (featuring her friend Grace Emily). We recorded and mixed the song on a Saturday afternoon, and filmed the video at The Marshfield Fair later that night. The edit was then completed the following day for a 48 hour turnaround of the entire project.


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