Weddings are such a treat to photograph! It's nothing short of a privilege to work with so many lovely people, and to help them properly remember their amazing day. Like many photographers I like to cover weddings in a narrative, journalistic style. With the exception of the formal shots, my intention is to stay out of the way and record those tender, decisive moments that make each wedding unique and special. If you would like more information, or to get a quote, simply fill out our form and email it to us at your convenience. Please do check out our "things to think about" page which will hopefully help you with the planning process!




Matthew & Erika

Matt and Erika's wedding was held at the Cohasset Maritime Institute, with Cohasset Bay as the stunning backdrop. CLICK HERE for more images from their wonderful day.


Michael and kelly, connecticut

Mike and Kelly are a wonderful couple. Low key and gentle they specified to me the informality of their big day, and I was happy to oblige, mostly staying out of the way, and making sure that we caught just the right amount of big moments!


Ashley and andy, oregon

Unique is an overused word, but Ashley and Andy's day was truly unique! The ceremony took place at Lake of the Woods in Oregon, right on the lake. The bride entered on a steamboat! It was just the most magnificent day all around.


more weddings

Here's a selection from weddings over the years...