Things that make you go hmmmm...

Your wedding day is one of, if not the most important day of your life. If the professionals around you do their job, then you should be able to relax and enjoy your day with friends and family, happy in the knowledge that the professionals around you have got your covered. But to do this, we need a few things from you! So here's a small list of things to keep in mind when you're hiring prospective photographers:

Long DAy/Short day?

Weddings do tend to follow some traditional formulas, but can vary dramatically in length. So think carefully about how long you will need your photographer(s). Do you want preparation shots? Do want the photographer to stick around to the very end of the day, or are you okay for them to leave once the dance party gets going? Length of day is obviously important when working to establish a fair quote for your big day. Not just for the day of shooting, but for post-production time, too. The more we shoot on the day, the more we have to go through and edit later! We are happy to stay all day, and edit for a week, but obviously the longer we're there, the higher the quote.


Formals are the most fun, and most challenging of all the photos we make on the day. It's important when planning out the wedding day to allow a good amount of time for formals, as they never come together quite as fast as you'd expect! We always ask for the bride and groom to nominate "wranglers" to help us when pulling together family shots. And speaking of family shots, as you put together a guest list, and a seating chart, make sure to also note down a "shot list" that you'd like to have on the big day. We don't ever want to miss a beloved aunt or uncle, or nephew or niece, because we didn't have a comprehensive list of shots you'd like us to get. And please allow at least half an hour for us to escape the party to take fun shots with you both! These are shots that are hard to replicate at another time, and we want them to be memorable for you!


When I speak of traditions I mean first dances, cake cuttings, first looks, bouquet tossing, and so on. Some brides want to include all the traditional moments, some don't. Some have traditions unique to their culture, or their family! Please don't forget to let us know what traditions you plan to include on your big day so that we can plan accordingly!