Trash Day closes in on Year 2

One way to hone your skills at anything, be it photography, or music, or dancing, or whatever, is to practice! When I was much younger I was a keen golfer, and one of the ways I looked to challenge myself was to hit the course with just one club and a putter. It forced me to make shots I'd never otherwise have tried, and to see the course in a completely different way. Photography is no different. Photographers are always practicing, or they should be anyway! I know that I am always learning new things. New techniques, lighting concepts, or simply discovering new lenses. One of my favorite "practice days" is Trash Day. I started photographing our little boy, Quintin (known around these parts as Q), going out to say hello to our wonderful trash guys, and before long it became a thing. With the exception of one week when we were away on vacation, I've been out photographing Q, rain or shine, greeting the truck, and Jack, and all the fun that goes with it. And it's great practice for me, too! You'd think that photographing one fairly mundane event would prove to get boring after a while, but each week I try something different. A different angle, a new lens, perhaps trying one of Fuji's wonderful built-in filters. For example this week I shot Trash Day using Fuji's much vaunted "Classic Chrome" filter. It has a fantastic look that's hard to put into words. So I won't try! But I love it! In the meantime, I'm looking forward to next week's Trash Day, and I'm already mulling over what the twist will be next week! If you every have any questions or comments feel free to write to me directly: